Essential Questions for Business

Do you have all the answers? Ask your advisor.
March 22, 2017

You know all too well that running a business – your business – takes every second you have. It’s always on your mind. But if you’re like so many other entrepreneurs, you may not have taken a step back to see the bigger picture – how your professional and personal financial matters intertwine with each other. And that’s where your financial advisor can be invaluable.

It is crucial that you plan accordingly to maintain balance between the prosperity of your business and your own personal financial well-being. Here are the essential issues you should be discussing with your advisor. They may change over time, of course, as your business matures through its lifecycle from startup to succession planning.

Questions That Demand Answers

There are matters of controlling costs and cash flow, and using financing and capital wisely. What can be done to safeguard my personal and business assets from creditors? Are there strategies that will help my professional and personal assets work more tax efficiently?

You may have governance issues around making decisions with multiple stakeholders or family members. You may want to reconsider your corporate structure for tax purposes. Is it better to be taxed as a C- or an S-corporation?

Only 30% of privately held businesses survive into the second generation, and less than 15% survive into the third.

– Nuveen Business Owners

Then, there are issues regarding succession planning and having key person insurance to protect yourself or company managers from the unexpected. What is your exit strategy? You need to think about who to transfer your business to and what you’ll need to do that. You need to consider diversifying your personal and professional assets, and integrating your business into your financial and estate plans.

These are all essential matters that you must address. To overlook them leaves you and your business vulnerable to greater risk. It’s time to talk to your financial advisor and benefit from the seasoned advice he or she can offer.